Allness Fallacy

Making a statement that implies totality, finality, or unequivocal certainty beyond what anyone can know

An absolute statement that goes beyond what God has revealed


Evolution is a fact.

Even though evolutionists can’t prove it, they claim it dogmatically. That’s the allness fallacy.

Rocky Rockbuilder: You said that God doesn’t reveal anything to anyone. That conflicts with my experience and the experience of people I know who follow Christ. What makes you so sure of yourself?

Sandy Sandbuilder: I’m sure of the fact because there is no God.

Sandy Sandbuilder is certain but can’t give a rational reason for this certainty. A rational reason requires a true premise. Persuaders can’t rationally base their reasoning on any assumptions, stories, or other forms of made-up stuff no matter how emphatically they state the made-up stuff.