Any enslavement caused by searching for satisfaction in anything other than Christ We can only find satisfaction progressively as we come into the image and likeness of Christ. (Psalm 17:15) Trying to find satisfaction in other ways often leads to addiction. Unthankfulness contributes to addiction. Unthankfulness is a fallacy since God blesses every person, and […]

(a.k.a. A Dicto Simpliciter Ad Dictum Secundum Quid) Applying a rule generally while ignoring exceptions to the rule Examples: Scientists have the rocks and fossils tested using radiometric dating methods, and all the dates concur. This persuader ignores the exceptions and the way scientists cherry-pick this data. The Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill.” Therefore,

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(a.k.a. Character Assassination, Smear Campaign, or Throwing Stones) An attack on the person rather than the issue An argument that seeks to discredit a person or group of persons rather than deciding whether a statement is true based on its soundness Example: All Christians are stupid. The person who commits abusive ad hominem fallacy defames,

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(a.k.a. Lying with Statistics, Statistical Fallacy, Misused Statistics, or Statistical Fallacy) The use of statistics in ways that blur the distinction between reality and make-believe Rather than using reason to evaluate the issue, persuaders abuse statistics to assert a falsehood. Here’s a partial list of fallacies that abuse statistics: Small Sample Size Bias Avoiding Specific

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(a.k.a. Abduction) Basing conclusions on guesses Examples: Astronomers don’t know for sure how the universe made its first stars, but they do have a reasonably good guess. ~ Talking Back, Water, water (almost) everywhere, Astronomy Evolution uses Pierce’s abductive schema. Abduction is guessing, and guessing isn’t a rational way to reason.