(a.k.a. Fallacy of the Alternative Disjunct, False Exclusionary Disjunct, Affirming One Disjunct, The Alternative Syllogism, Asserting an Alternative, Improper Disjunctive Syllogism, Fallacy of the Disjunctive Syllogism, or Fallacy of Exclusion) Thinking that one claim being true makes another claim false when they’re not proved mutually exclusive Believing that one of two claims is false if […]

(a.k.a. Sexual Sin Fallacy, Fornication Fallacy, or Perversion Fallacy) Sexual sin that perverts God’s pattern of sex between one man and one woman who have committed to a life-long loving relationship of marriage While fallacies begin as thoughts, they expose themselves as words and deeds. Adultery gives the illusion of satisfaction, happiness, love, or fulfillment,

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Personal preferences, dislikes, or weaknesses used as a reason to believe Examples: A much better conclusion would be that everything started with a big bang billions of years ago. This disbeliever thinks it’s a better conclusion because it’s the conclusion that the disbeliever prefers. That’s what I believe because that’s what I prefer to be

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When facing a shortcoming or flaw, rather than dealing with the flaw, accusing another of the same flaw and also changing the topic to their person “Ad hominem” means against the person. “Tu quoque” means “You too.” Example: Rocky Rockbuilder: Every so-called evidence for the molecules-to-humanity story depends on arbitrary assumptions. By divine revelation, God

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(a.k.a. Ad Hoc Hypothesis or Just-So Story) A story made up to explain away experimentation and observation against a pet theory An additional story invented to save the stories of a favored theory when new information conflicts with the favored theory Using well-known radioisotope technology, scientists dated the Santo Domingo rock formation in Argentina at

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