Amazing Familiarity Fallacy

(a.k.a. Extraordinary Knowledge)

Making a claim that’s impossible to know except by divine revelation when the claim isn’t based on divine revelation


There is no God.

Jesus Christ doesn’t reveal anything.

The Church no longer has gifts of the Spirit as it had when Paul wrote 1 Corinthians.

When persuaders claim universal positives or universal negatives, they commit amazing familiarity fallacies unless God reveals the claim. Only God can declare a universal negative since He knows everything and can’t lie. For example, God says there’s not a single just person on the earth who does good without sin, which is a universal negative. God says that all who seek Christ will find Christ, which is a universal positive. God also reveals that no people exist to whom God hasn’t revealed everything that humans can know about the Father, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. He’s revealed Himself and the Godhead to them through the things that He created.

Claims like, “God doesn’t reveal Himself to you,” are amazing familiarity fallacies. God reveals Himself through Scripture, and we can’t read Scripture without interacting with the Holy Spirit. Even ungodly people who reject Christ interact with Christ when they hear Scripture quoted. As followers of Christ, we can speak by the Holy Spirit or speak a vision out of our own minds. God can reveal information through a word of knowledge or discernment of spirits. God speaks to us in many ways and reveals reality to us. If we make claims beyond what God reveals, we commit amazing familiarity fallacies.